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Dough flops onto a flat, floured surface and Tara kneads the sticky mass. The last 18 months have started fading a little. Not fading exactly. Tara's memory is perfect, but there is something about getting distance and new memories that's just as soothing as baking. With Corrine back, the world feels more...organized. Dinner can be made for someone - multiple someones again. She's sorely lacked that focus - that target.

But can it really be what it was?

The dough flops down hard on the parchment paper again.
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Caleb called.  That was bizarre enough.  The fact that it was another of his demon and drugs leads failed to throw Tara as much as the fact he had the cajones to do so and then follow it up by the playing the "I'm retired, and I know no one in Opal City anyway.  You go clean it up." card that reminded her why the pair of them had worked so well in the field and had been in a verbal sparring match the rest of the time.

Ah, be nicer to him, Tara.  She thought.  He's raising his kid and taking care of his wife and all that.  Considering what he and his sister could do if they went rogue - and with Hotshot's powers losing control - all of them are doing a world a service by staying away from this shit.

Green Shield, however, realized she had become hooked into the cape life for good.  Her body would never be normal, and, like all surgeons, having the power of life and death and knowing just how much you did changed you.  It was like the Tree of Knowledge.  Once you ate the fruit you knew your body and will and understood what they could do in the world.  Speaking of which...

An unmarked truck rolls up to the loading dock.  Workers scramble out to meet the driver and begin to load his cargo of tainted morphine.  Some would hit the streets.  Some would greatly shorten the lifespan of the critically ill or injured.  If Caleb's intel was correct (and the guy was rarely wrong about this stuff, sadly) all of the treated that died would rise as hollows, ready to work as demon hosts.

Slipping down the side of a neighboring building, she moved herself into the shadows.  First she needed the evidence, then she'll handle the truck.


May. 6th, 2010 07:51 pm
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She back among the poppies from hell, dressed in a Dorothy outfit. that's the first clue she's dreaming. The second?

"Not everyone can wear a Glinda dress and own it."
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They hadn't even opened the door when she showed. She'd brought notes home, surveillance tapes, whatever she could think of to show that Christie was now different. She said she'd do whatever she could to bring her little sister home. All it did was make Mom cry more. Dad was silent the whole time. She'd plead with him, but, ultimately he was the one that shut the door and locked it.

At least she was disowned with some support. Sand had driven and as much as she loved cars, Tara was glad he had.

That's why when she hears her phone play "Born to Run," in the middle of her homework two weeks after everything, she dives for it.
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10/23/06 - Cocktail (note 1) still having the same effect as day 30 onward...Reduction of HIV virus still similar to reduction in healthy -

She didn't need the notes. Photographic memory was like that. She could tell you what the t_cel count on that sample had been 30 days and 3 ours ago within as much scientific accuracy as was available. It just wasn't working is all. Night after night, after patrol and homework, when the other heroes sleep or actually get something resembling a life going, she's here most of the time. She's here now that Travis is sleeping. She swears sometime this is just here to make her eyes bleed and even Mia would have told her to "take a fucking break and get a life already!"

Which is why she can't. Mia does this living while your dying thing better than she does. Tara has a lot of co-workers. She has had and does have great teachers. She even, for really the first time in her life, some real friends. She has one best friend though and, damnit, she can't shake the image of her lying on a table during Ras's Plague with less than a 2% shot at living through it.

Time to get some food and iced tea out of the fridge. Line up the next shot.
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Damn. To quote the greatest movies of all time, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Connor wants us to have faith in Ollie. Okay, I'll try. The guy had his heart broken and I'm likely out $50 bucks if Connor's right.

Everyone's worried about Ollie on this. I'm a newbie to this drama but he's not the one I worry about. I worry about Pieter. His crush on Canary is to the point I noticed, and I'm not up on this stuff. Canary has to have some clue about that and with Ollie being seen like that. Either way, with Dinah, Ollie, and Pieter overseeing my training...well...I'm hoping for a drama free workplace and no broken hearts. I'm pretty sure I'm just not going to get it.

I was already headed for Confession after this hollow stuff is over. I'll do my best to pray for Pieter while I'm there. I hope everyone comes out of the ensuing drama okay. In the meantime I hope to catch this creep.

And I'm pissed at myself on this one. The Lady is a do-gooder dean at Star U. If it turns out I'm the catalyst for any of this there might not be enough Hail Marys or Grant bills to make things look good.
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I'm 20 now. I'm still breathing. My mind and body still work, albeit a bit diferently. I haven't talked to my folks in weeks and figure I should. Right now though, I'm drinking extremely bad coffee in a van just outside of Metropolis and tracking something I would have laughed off as non-exsistant six months ago. I'm also getting to know people that get called "superheroes," by just about everyone and I'm starting to try and become like them....like this is just one more college course and internship. I feel like I should be dazzled, and then I sip some more coffee.

I guess we have souls after all, or most of us do anyway. This guy doesn't, so he can get enlisted by demons to do thier dirty work. It doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense to me, but I'm learning and doing basic forensic work to try and track the guy. So far, we know a lot about where he isn't as opposed to where he is. Sadly, between this demon hunting and...well everything else from Greek Gods to angels serving omlettes after a plague, it's given me a lot to think about in terms of how I thought everything worked. One thing about this "cape," work - nothing can be assumed anymore and Sherlock Holmes rule about "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth," get applied vigorously.

I miss Travis.
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She's been lying to them for months now. At first, when she was dying, it was because they would demand she come home and they'd waste all sorts of money trying to keep her alive. She didn't feel like telling them she dropped out either and was working on her own cure. Since she started the whole superhero thing though it was mostly it's because she has no idea what to say. Sure, the Pope could pose with Superman and there were angels up here, but the Church wasn't clear on the whole superhero thing. Her folks were in the "no cape," camp, not the subject came up often or that they'd call for blood or whatever. They just believed that capes were dangerous unless reigned in by morality or governments or some type of big brother system. Don't get mom started on the Amazons either. She'd actually donated to groups trying to establish missions to their nation. It was a shared joke with her brother and sister. Well...it had been a joke.

She kept staring at the phone while the mental dialogue ran through her head.

Hi mom. Hi Dad. How's Cape May? Fine? Guess what? I just help save the world up here. Yeah, all in a days work. Me? Noooo...not at Star U, Mom. I got something rare that was eating my nerves and muscles up - something terminal. No...Mom...Mom...MOM...I'm fine, really. I injected myself with a ton and a half of chemicals and I'm fine. No, I'm not on drugs but I can stop bullets with my abs. Interesting side effect of it all. No. Cyndi's right. I'm not with her. I've been staying with a lady who wears fishnets to work, a Buddhist, an AIDS patient, and a LIBERAL! Cool huh? Mom, you're NOT dying of a heart attack yet? Wait'll meet my boyfriend. No. He's not a med student. He's 17 and living at a bar with a redneck Green Lantern...but he has no fear, ma, trust me. No, I haven't been to confession yet, but there's an angel up here on the satellite that says I don't need to...Did I mention the kung fu guy I'm going to be getting my med degree from who calls himself Mid-Night?

She calls anyway, planning to lying again. She needs to know they made it through okay.
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There's a old joke the girls in upper level chemistry at Star U used to live by: If you can bake a cake, you can make a bomb! It was normally accompanied by a picture out of some '50's magazine of a woman looking ungodly chipper. Today the opposite was true and needed. Tara's facination with science started at 4 years old when she watched Antenata Rosa, her mother's mom, make bread. The yeast just grew and grew...After that was crystal growing with the blueing agent and a host of other silly childhood wonders. But nothing beat cooking.

She was told the Lanterns were coming. She secretly saved the largest steak in the bunch for Travis.


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