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The Ongoing Experiment of Tara Strong

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Tara Strong AKA Green Shield, is the first of 3 children born to Eric and Lala Strong of Cape May, New Jersey. Mostly due to her retention of information and love of studying, she graduated early and started going to college in Star City with an old friend of her mother's. She took classes through the summers and is just a quarter shy of getting her master's at 19 with an eye on a doctorate in chemical engineering and doing well at an internship at Elevast. Then the tremors started...signs of a rare muscle disorder that was going to make her dead (or worse) within 3-5 years.

That's when she moved away from the friend of the family and started experimenting. When Elevast Pharmaceuticals tried stealing her research, that's when she started injecting herself with the treatments.

Tara has the following abilities. She's super tough - as in "take a solid hit from Superman and live, but not get up," tough. She's super strong (about Aquaman level). Her physical endurance is incredible. She has excellent general science, computer and repair abilities - with Earth technologies - and has specializations in chemistry and human biology, and has perfect photographic recall. Oh, and Clan Arrow has sort of adopted her.

Weaknesses: She's a 19-year-old nerd from small town New Jersey. Elevast/LexCorp wants her as a lab rat. Her family hasn't a clue she's doesn't go to Confession anymore, much less know about this superhero job. Magic goes over her head, since it doesn't work with scientific principles like she does. (Alchemy fascinates her though.) She has a huge phobia about not being able to breathe and having the disease come back. She's a little slower than a normal human and when the adrenaline isn't going she's in constant low level, arthritis-like pain. Even though she's up to her eyeballs saving the world, she still freaks out about late homework and wants to wants to get that Ph.D. Oh, and Clan Arrow has sort of adopted her.

This is an original character in the community [info]dc_nation which takes place in a fan modified DC Universe.
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